How to Bag a Big Daddy in the Big Easy


Seersucker Sexy: Fork Over Your Rolodex

This Spring Daddy knows all the Big Daddies. Well, at least the ones who care about their appearance. He’s been fitting all the Daddies at Saks for the past 22 years. Can’t wait to get this gentleman drunk and find out what he knows.


Seersucker Sexy: Here Comes Trouble

Meet Mr. Chet, a sartorial wizard and brilliant interior designer. I can tell by the devil-may-care way he stuffs a pocket square that he’s more trouble than me.


What's Wrong With This Picture?

So many things here are right. Big Daddy is driving me home in his Jaguar. He’s clearing up the papers in the passenger seat so I can sit down. Can you figure out what’s wrong with this picture? Give up? I’m standing outside the car taking this picture and he’s already inside it. Someone forgot to open my door.


Hide and Seerseeker

Jason is a seersucker-sweetheart after my own heart. I caught up with him earlier this week at his exhibition opening called “Hide and Seek”. I let it be known that he could only play hide and seek from my camera for so long, looking like the dashing Spring Daddy he is. Please note how at home he is in perfectly tailored seersucker pants, prosecco in hand.


Three Daddies in a Row!

I just realized that I have only been lauding the sartorial skills of African-American Daddies. To be fair and not racist, here are some vest- and bow-tie-wearing Caucasians for you. I do so admire their fleur-de-lis pins. Mr. Three-Piece-Suit in the middle there comes into the bar sometimes and likes his Manhattans stirred – not shaken – and strained into a wineglass. Also, one day, he asked me what went wrong in my life that I am now working in a bar. I suppose I should have asked him what went wrong with his shoes, but I won’t sink to that level.


I'm Lovin It

Who knew blue and pink could go together as perfectly as a Big Mac and fries? This hungry Spring Daddy. Enjoy your McDonalds, baby. I can tell you’re not the type who wipes his hands on his pants. You place a napkin on your lap like a gentleman.