Meet Miss Avril and Miss Alexis

How to Bag a Big Daddy in the Big Easy is a southern lifestyle blog covering debonair style, steamy histories, smoldering courtships, expensive finery, odd ducks, glamorous saloons, and genteel traditions in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Mysterious Miss Avril

In New York there are Rich Men, but in New Orleans there are Big Daddies. The difference between a plain old Rich Man and a Big Daddy is that Big Daddies are southern alcoholics who carry guns and know how to treat a lady.

I have recently come out of the closet: I love men over 50. Bring your technologically challenged, slipper-wearing, sexy ass right here. Bring your checkbook, too, Big Daddy. It might have been awhile since you’ve been on the scene, so don’t forget about inflation. Fifty bucks won’t cut a trip to the powder room for this Holly Golightly.

I delight in laughing and drinking Champagne. I get turned on when men pay the bill and tell me I’m gorgeous. I love a man with an ascot. Better yet, a cane – as long as it’s not from a mail order catalog of medical supplies. Call me traditional, but I believe it’s the way it should be. I once met a young man who told me he didn’t date, that he just hooked up and sometimes it developed into something more. “Date?” I asked.”Don’t you mean courtship?”

Miss Mischievous Alexis

I am from the south where men open the doors and their wallets for you. I tried to live in other parts of this world but the lure of this land always brings me back.  New Orleans is the only home that I ever want to know and rich men are the only men worth knowing.

I tried to date men my age and in my income bracket but I felt that I was letting my charm, youth and looks go to waste.  Why not get some mileage of this package?  And by mileage, I mean nice dinners, nicer drinks and the nicest trips to fairylands a young lass like me can imagine.  Appreciation of finer things are lost on the young and women deserve nothing if not appreciation.

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